Safe-T-Stop Brake Testing


How safe are your brakes… really?

Our Safe-T-Stop test machine is the ultimate in brake steering and suspension testing. It reveals what would happen to your vehicle in an emergency braking situation. The Safe-T-Stop machine detects dangerous side to side and front to back in-balances that could be undetectable under normal driving conditions, but that could cause your vehicle to spin out of control in an emergency situation, and nobody wants to find out their car is unsafe when it’s too late...

The Safe-T-Stop testing procedures are reliable and accurate offering safety unmatched by any other testing method.

The Safe-T-Stop testing platform also checks wheel alignment and both front and rear axles, and measures the individual performance of each shock absorber. Identifying in-balances early and adjusting any issues means you will get a much longer tyre life.

A Doreen Mechanical Safe-T-Stop report lets you know that the condition of your braking and suspension system is at its highest level of safety - giving you peace of mind knowing your family is safe on n the roads.

Ensure your safety and that of your family with the most advanced brake safety system in Australia and have your brakes tested at Doreen Mechanical.

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